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A new dimension of education MetaLearning @ HubPod School


HubPod School strives to offer browser-based virtual 3D environments and worldwide collaboration spaces for all kind of communication purpose.


Our platform provides on the one hand the option of own-developed spaces and on the other hand tailored and customized digitalization solutions for everybody to have a new kind of communication experience.


By using the virtual platform, individuals can easily connect with other persons for social or education opportunities.


“A new dimension of education”


Follow our journey to create an interactive platform for bringing together educators and students.  HubPod School provides literally everyone with an opportunity to learn and study whatever they want with the courses that we offer but in a meta-learning environment. Besides all the existing collaboration tools, we will provide you with an interactive 3D learning environment, based on the MetaHub platform.


MetaHub at Hubpod School makes it easy for you to instantly create and customize your branded virtual world for any audience engagement. Anything is possible at MetaHub when you use that as a platform to learn through our courses offered at HubPod School. You can even set up an e-commerce store in minutes, with instant access to select the courses that you want to take at HubPod School. The MetaHub is yours for the making.


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